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If you have a helping heart, are passionate, love kids, dedicated and enthusiastic, join us!

Some of the areas we will need volunteers are for social fun events, climbing events, competitions, team practices, camps, logistics for fundraising and item donations. We appreciate you in advance for giving your time and talents to make a difference. If you have questions contact

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

— Helen Keller

Location: Sender One, Santa Ana CA

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Unity with community

Accepted, Included, Respected

Our mission is to create an inclusive environment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to promote physical, mental and social skills through participation in rock climbing.



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giving love


smiles and hugs

transformation everywhere

Excel in life through rock climbing

Our vision is to transform the world, so people with disabilities will be accepted, included and respected and in doing so, they will grow and excel in their lives.

Fundraising Goal for 2022
kids enrolled in team
Kids are the future

Supporting their abilities

  • We are passionate about creating awareness and inclusion
  • We treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • Inspiring kids to learn new abilities
  • Supporting families to achieve life growth
  • Always have fun in teamwork