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How much is the cost to be part of the United Rocks climbing team?

United Rocks will take care of all expenses for team members. All membership fees, coaches and other expenses will be paid via fundraising and donations.

What is included for my child in United Rocks climbing team?

Practices 2-3 times a week, climbing shoes, harness, chalk bag, chalk and team t-shirt. We encourage parents to have all of their gear in a backpack for easy transport and use.

How many times per week will they practice?

Team will train 2-3 times per week to prepare for local competitions and to become better, stronger climbers. Team United Rocks lesson plans focuses on repetition, teamwork, and problem solving through climbing drills, games, and activities. We strive to develop driven athletes with a love for adventure, climbing, and the climbing community.

Where will practices be?

We will mainly climb at the Plano Summit gym location but depending on how many kids are on the team we will have different locations for practices.

Will the rope break?

No, ropes don’t break. Ropes are made to hold huge amounts of weight, about 6,000 pounds or more.

Is climbing without ropes safe?

All climbers are taught how to fall properly and are supervised while climbing, by coaches or parents. After safety and good falling techniques has been instructed by coaches, kids can climb without ropes, also known as bouldering. Bouldering is unroped climbing on shorter walls typically ranging from 13 to 16 feet high. Instead of depending on ropes, you’ll rely purely on strength and problem-solving to navigate these short routes, which can feature technical reaches or explosive, dynamic moves. Every fall is a fall to the ground on mats.

Does my child need any special clothing to climb?

Whatever your child finds comfortable to move in.

As long as his/her can move their arms and legs freely, and can see hands and feet while they climb, they should be good to go. Long hair needs to be tied back and secured. They will have their climbing shoes in their backpack but just in case bring a pair of indoor shoes, ideally snug-fitting runners, as a backup.

Does my child have to wear special shoes?

We do require special climbing shoes, which is included for team members.v

Is rock climbing safe?

Like any other sport, rock climbing can be dangerous. Coaches will make sure that kids won’t begin to climb before they know everything they need to know about safety.

Do I need to fill out a waiver for my child?

Yes. We will ask that all parents or legal guardians fill out a waiver for their child.

Do I need to stay while my child is in practice?

If your child is shy, wants you to stay, or has difficult with new situations or faces we totally encourage it. Once your child gets comfortable with the new experiences and people around them you can stay close by just in case or you can stay in the vicinity. Parents need to be available via cell phone during practices.

My child is scared of heights, how can he/she be in team?

He/she only have to climb as high as they are comfortable, confidence and a sense of accomplishment to reach the top will come later on and with practice.

Why should my child be in a rock climb team? What are the benefits?

This sport pushes you to your limits and gives you a huge sense of accomplishment. Rock climbing is a low-impact exercise, which means it is easier on your body, particularly your joints, while still being a great full-body workout.

Some of the benefits of rock climbing are:

  • Physical activity has a positive impact on activating the brain and improving cognitive function
  • Builds confidence, happiness, social interactions, reachable goals and trust
  • Improves balance, strength, flexibility, spatial perception (space, distance) and hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes focus, attention span, problem solving and communication skills
  • Helps with sleep, since climbing challenges both physically and mentally, your child will spend all their energy at the climbing gym before going to bed
  • Reduces stress, climbing makes you live in the moment, it melts away worries, your child will conquer his/her fear of heights

How should climbing shoes fit?

Comfortably snug, good climbing requires precise foot placements, and for that your child needs to feel the details, such as little edges, on the foot holds. Their shoes should feel tighter than your regular street footwear.

Is there a weight limit?

The climbing harnesses are a one-size-fits-most and generally open up to a 46″ waist size. The manufacturer of our auto-belay devices has set an upper limit of 310lbs maximum.

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full-body workout

Benefits of Rock Climbing

This sport pushes you to your limits and gives you a huge sense of accomplishment. Rock climbing is a low-impact exercise, which means it is easier on your body, particularly your joints, while still being a great full-body workout.

Promotes Physical Skills

Physical activity has a positive impact on stimulating the brain and improving cognitive function. Rock climbing increases strength, grip, flexibility and endurance. 

Promotes Mental Skills

It can help you develop better hand-eye coordination while increasing your sense of spatial awareness. It can also boost your cognitive and problem-solving skills. It focuses the mind, have meditative effects relieving stress, promotes ambition and personal challenge. 

Promotes Social Interactions

Climbers are very social, they welcome and support new climbers providing a sense of community. Builds confidence, trust and happiness, it also improves communication skills.

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