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United Rocks Story

After receiving the news that our newborn had down syndrome, we were lost and afraid of what the future will look like for him. We started thinking about what can we do to create a legacy for him and other kids like him so they will excel in their lives and also be accepted, included and respected. Having extensive experience and support with our oldest son Gabriel in the rock climbing community, we decided to pursue the idea of creating a rock climbing team for kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Practicing and competing in the sport for over 7 years, coaches and teammates not only helped my oldest son to get strong and fit but it also helped him with developing and improving his confidence, problem solving skills, focus, trust and social skills.

I believe that rock climbing will help my son Jake and other kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities improve their physical, sensory, mental and social skills and I am confident that the rock climbing community will help us create awareness and inclusion so they can shine in their lives and in their communities. 


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Meet Our Stellar Team

We are a group of passionate, dedicated people that share the same common interests, to transform the world, so people with disabilities will be accepted, included and respected. Unity with Community.

Mariana Steelsmith

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel Zuniga

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Steelsmith

Chief Financial Officer
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Why We Need You

What does it take to be a volunteer?

If you have a helping heart, are passionate, love kids, dedicated, and enthusiastic, join us. It takes a village, be part of it!

Why do we need volunteers?

The support of our community and individuals like you is crucial for the success of our organization. Some of the areas we need volunteers are for social events, climbing events, team practices, camps, logistics for fundraising and clothing donations. We appreciate you in advance for giving your time and talents to make a difference. 

How to become a volunteer?

Click the button below, fill out the form in the next page. We will contact you in 2-3 business days so we can meet and greet and see which area you would be a great fit for. 

to our partners, a huge thank you!